The finale of Season 2 of 'The Glee Project' aired tonight (Aug. 14), with Blake, who PopCrush repeatedly predicted would win, being crowned the winner, earning a seven-episode arc on the show and a recording contract with the ability to tour. There was no cheating this year, with all of the finalists getting roles. Only Blake won and well, he deserved it.

Ryan Murphy was quick to rip the BandAid off and reveal the results, saying he loved Blake's leadership and leading man qualities; Ali's Broadway-ness; and Aylin's voice. But he ultimately chose Blake because he has built-in star quality and a boy became a man during the season. Now it's up to Murphy to write Blake into the show in a compelling way. That said, Blake is some pretty beautiful clay to work with and for Murphy to mold.

Theme: 'Glee-ality.' Why? Because they all wanted a role on the show and had to show that they have this hard-to-define, but know-it-when-you-see-it quality.

Homework Assignment: 'You Can't Stop the Beat' from the musical 'Hairspray' was selected as the final homework assignment for Final 3, which was comprised of Ali, Aylin and Blake. They had a talented crew of backup dancers in the form of their Season 2 castmates. We love a reunion.

Mentor: Chris Colfer, aka Kurt Hummel on 'Glee,' is the essence of 'The Glee Project.' He auditioned for the role of Artie, but wasn't right for the character but he met with Ryan Murphy and a role was created for him. Colfer loved how Blake kept his intensity throughout the entire routine, while Aylin kept her voice up the whole time. Ali was celebrated for being such a cute "character" throughout. Colfer could not choose a winner, so he chose all three. Okay, okay, we let him get away with that funny business, even though it's a cheap ploy! There needs to be one, clear winner.

Music Video: The party anthem 'Tonight Tonight' by Hot Chelle Rae was selected as the video, with the concept being a high school prom. That's 'Glee-Ality' to the max. Blake played a popular but humble prom king, which is an oxymoron and fictional character, since there is no such thing as a humble prom king. Ali played a mean girl, which is something Ryan has said that he thinks she can play effectively. Aylin was the party gal, which is not far-removed from her real-life personality. Each of the three have (and demonstrate) strengths and flaws, which is exactly why they were in the final three, since those are things that Murphy wants. As an added bonus, one of last season's winners, Damian McGinty, was an extra in the video, too. He's been there, done that and came back to show his support, since he was where they are and they want to be where he is.

Last Chance: The finalists had to perform before not only Ryan Murphy, but "Glee' cast members and the eliminated castmates from their season. Talk about pressure. Ali sang 'Popular' from 'Wicked,' showing off several sides of her personality and uber cuteness. She is a source of light and sucks you into her vortex of cuteness, but she still pulls off that b----y attitude that inspires Murphy to want to write for her. She is impossible to root against, but the show already has a "character" like her. Aylin sang 'Rolling in the Deep' by Adele, showing off her amazing voice. The girl can sing, but she comes off as thinking she is too cool for school and too cute for the room. Blake sang 'I'll Be' by Edwin McCain and it was a knock-it-outta-the-park choice. He showed off his sensitive and vulnerable side, complete with some dance moves. The singing was impeccable, better than we've ever seen from him and he's always good. He also read a poem, calling himself "the whitest half-Cuban ever." Swooooooooooooon!

Congrats to Blake on winning Season 2 of 'The Glee Project.'