On tonight's (July 17) episode of 'The Glee Project,' the remaining eight contestants were asked to demonstrate theatricality. Nellie didn't quite cut it, nor had she fully immersed herself in any of the assignments or videos throughout the season, and as a result, she was sent home.

Theme: Theatricality. There is a fine line when it comes to theatrics ,and actors/singers have to be careful about crossing the line and overdoing it, thus sacrificing their credibility.

Mentor: Grant Gustin, aka the scheming Warbler Sebastian Smythe, got his start in the theater, so he was the mentor. Gustin was pumped by the reaction that the contestants gave him. "It's the height of emotion, and song and dance is all you can do to express it in the moment," he explained about the concept and theme.

Homework Assignment: There is no better way to express theatricality than by performing a number from a famed Broadway musical. The kids were asked to perform 'I Hope I Get It' from 'A Chorus Line.' When they all harmonized "I've got to get this job," it was funny, because art imitated life, as they are all vying for a gig on 'Glee.' Gustin told Michael to increase his confidence, since his voice is there. He said the same thing about Nellie, who shifted her eyes away while performing. His advice? "You're on the cliff -- just jump." He chose Ali as the homework assignment winner and told her to not let musical styles throw her off her game when engaging in a performance during their one-on-one.

Music Video: For ‘When I Grow Up’ by the Pussycat Dolls, the hopefuls played grocery store clerks who fantasized about being music icons. Nellie was uncomfortable as Brit Brit, with the mentors telling her she needs to dive in head first. They think she just humors them and they know she is miserable underneath. Abraham was totally stumped and stalled over being called androgynous, since he was bullied for that element as a kid. He was reminded that most of the world's most iconic rock stars were just that.

Last Chance: Nellie performed Melissa Etheridge's 'I'm the Only One.' She sang with passion, but Ryan Murphy said her usual lack of passion and indecisiveness make her hard "to write for." It's as though she wants to be a singer and performer, as opposed to an actor on 'Glee.' Abraham rocked Gym Class Heroes' 'Stereo Hearts,' hatin' on that whole androgyny comment. Murphy ordered him to drop the "diva" act and show what's real. The shapeshifting element of his sexuality is what makes him a potential star. Lilly tore through Adele's 'Someone Like You' but Murphy says he hasn't seen anything from her. She's Lily all of the time, which is problematic when you want to act and sing, as opposed to simply singing.

Below is who everyone played in the vid and how they did:

Abraham: David Bowie: He was bummed at being called 'androgynous.'
Ali: Katy Perry: She has stepped up to the plate the past few eps and owned it tonight.
Aylin: Madonna: She rocked Madge's cone bustier, but she is getting way too cocky and becoming less likeable.
Blake: Boy George: He brought something new to his portrayal of Boy George and has a gay brother.
Lily: Cyndi Lauper: She looked like Lily playing Lily, without any theatricality.
Michael: Elvis Presley: His confidence issues abound but he got called back.
Nellie: Britney Spears: She was just not diving in headfirst and was sent packing.
Shanna: Lady Gaga: She wore a meat dress and was a trooper through and through.

The favorites are clearly Blake and Shanna.