Is there anything better than the combination of the Ready Set and Valentine's Day? No, no there is not -- and that's exactly why we're bringing you the exclusive premiere of TRS' fan video for "Are We Happy Now?" today, Feb. 14.

After receiving more than 1,700 entries (!), the sweet video -- premiering just in time for the most romantic day of the year -- features the Ready Set performing the song live, interspersed with pics of fans and their Valentines. While the music only heightens the romance of the cute snaps, Jordan told us that he never before associated the track with love.

"I never thought of the song as too much of a love song per say, so I think applying the Valentine's Day vibe is kind of cool and random," Jordan tells PopCrush exclusively. "It's sort of the super personal track on the album for me, and obviously love is a personal thing for people, so it all somehow goes together in my head. I've always liked the idea of song meanings being able to apply to a bunch of different people's lives and relationships."

We love how personal the song is to Jordan -- and now, it'll be even more meaningful to his fans as well, especially now that their romantic photos are in it! So sweet.

Loving the track? Check out the Ready Set's fan video above and buy "Are We Happy Now?" on iTunes here. Happy listening -- and watching!