Alright you fans of the Ready Set! The official music video for 'Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)' is finally here!

Back in the very beginning of summer, the lyric video for the song was released, but we can now happily push it aside and make room for the real thing, because let's face it, there's nothing equivalent to the real thing, right? Especially when not only is the song ridiculously catchy, but the video looks like a helluva good time as well.

The video itself doesn't need too much of a description -- it's pretty self explanatory. The new release features a plethora of party scenes and shows us lead singer Jordan Witzigreuter enjoying the life we're all currently dreaming about: living like the rich and famous in a huge mansion; and he made sure to bring all of his friends to ride the wave of extravagance with him.

It starts just like any party would in real life: The girls getting ready and applying their makeup, all the while taking selfies with their iPhones before walking to the local neighborhood party that's sure to end up like a scene straight out of the film 'Project X.'

Okay, maybe the video doesn't exactly rival that of the movie to a T, but the video is fun, the lyrics are catchy (example: "She said 'I love this song, I've heard it before and it stole my heart, I know every word /She's gonna dance all night night / Till it hurts / Singing the best song ever, best song ever!"), and it's bound to be an overplayed goodie on your iPod.

The Ready Set is currently on tour with Boys Like Girls and the All-American Rejects throughout November. Check out the upcoming dates here.