The tables have been turned. While Taylor Swift feels the need to (and exercises her right to) mine her personal life and exorcise her relationship demons via song, an emo singer who goes by moniker The Ready Set has swooped in and written a song about his take on her romances.

Swift might not remain single for long once she gets a load of 'For the Better,' a song that The Ready Set's Jordan Mark Witzigreuter penned specifically for the singer. If she is swayed by song, she might be swooning sooner than later.

He's clearly paying attention to the minutiae of Swift's recent break up with Harry Styles of One Direction. Overall, it's a sweet (and media savvy) little ode to the splintering of the most high-profile of T. Swizzle's high-profile romances.

It's an emoriffic song, filled with fingersnaps, referencing her love of the number 13 and the fact that 100 others are waiting in line to date her since Hazza effed up and let her go.

Notice in the chorus that The Ready Set borrows (heavily) from the melody of her smash hit 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.' He also sings clever lyrics about how she's rich and her songs don't suck, which is his rationale for why she shouldn't let the end of Haylor be the end of her heart.

Witzigreuter also explained why he wrote this nursery rhyme gentle song for the singer.

I wrote a song about Taylor Swift last week.

More so, about the notorious Swift/Styles breakup. I have to say that I am blown away by the amount of attention it is STILL getting, so I figured I’d throw my two cents in there. Everybody gives celebrity couples a lot of crap when they break up, so I like to consider this my gentlemanly take on the issue. Like tuxedo and monocle gentleman. Mustache is optional, but it’s definitely encouraged.

Hopefully you enjoy my swifty jingle.