Jordan Witzigreuter of the Ready Set transforms his latest single 'Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)' into a catchy acoustic tune in an exclusive live performance video recorded for PopCrush.

When we spoke with Witzigreuter in March, he described the synth-heavy 'Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)' this way: "It’s fun, it’s upbeat. It’s a lot faster than anything else I’ve put out before. It’s a dance song without sounding too much like a dance song."

Turning that sort of song into an acoustic arrangement was a challenge that the 22-year-old pulled off quite capably. Performing with a guitarist and a drummer who banged a makeshift wooden stool, Witzigreuter delivered the lyrics about the cute, music-loving girl: "She said 'I love this song I've heard it before / And it stole my heart, I know every word' / She's gonna dance all night night till it hurts / Singing the best song ever, best song ever / Give me your hand!"

The video is proof that a good song is a good song, no matter what style it's performed in. Find 'Give Me Your Hand' now on iTunes.

The Ready Set toured earlier this year with Carly Rae Jepsen and the Wanted and are currently on the road with All-American Rejects and Boys Like Girls. Check out our exclusive pics from the tour, below!