On the hunt for that perfect feel-good, summer jam? Look no further than Fourth & Coast's infectious and endlessly catchy 'Young Hearts,' featuring The Ready Set -- and we have the exclusive premiere of the lyric video!

"'Young Hearts' is about young love. It’s about the start of a relationship where everything is fresh and new and all you want to do is be with that someone, even if that someone might not be the best for you," the band tells PopCrush exclusively. "So in the end, you’re taking a chance at young love with this person and you are both all for it."

Fourth & Coast were also super psyched to team up with The Ready Set for the bubbly, upbeat tune.

"Getting Jordan to feature on our track was something we were really excited about," they revealed. "We've always been a fan of his music and we approached with the idea and he loved the song. Everything really just worked out perfectly."

And we're so glad it did -- because this is one song that we'll definitely be blasting all summer long. Watch the exclusive premiere of Fourth & Coast's 'Young Hearts' lyric video above!