Ouch! Connor Ball, bassist and vocalist for U.K. band the Vamps, took quite a tumble while the group was opening for Taylor Swift across the pond at the 02 Arena in London. He fell off the stage, dropping straight down.

In this 10-second, fan-filmed clip, the Vamps were doing their thing and entertaining the crowd when Ball, in the right hand corner, fell -- which you can see at the eight second mark.

We are fairly certain they will never forget opening for T. Swizzle, but now Ball has even more reason not to forget. Let's hope the only thing that was hurt in this clip was his pride and that he was not injured! The comments below the video suggest that he dusted himself off and got right back onstage to continue with the show.

But seriously, that drop like looks painful, and it was probably jarring for him since he was in the middle of doing his thing when he went down.

We hope that any of Ball's bumps and bruises heal quickly.