Finally some news about the Wanted not related to Max George or Nathan Sykes and the band's hiatus. Curly-cued singer Jay McGuiness was involved in a bit of a brawl after a night out this weekend (March 8). WTF happened? 

Relax, Wanted Fanmily, and we'll tell you.

The singer, 23, was dealt a blow from security, knocked to the floor and booted from Villa in Epping, Essex. Ouch. It was a triple injury for Jay, who was said to be bleeding.

He was on hand to hang with bandmate Tom Parker and Parker's lady love Kesley Hardwick to celebrate her birthday with a big crew of friends.

After some drinks were consumed, a row -- that's the amazing British term for a "fight" -- ensued.

The Mirror reports that things began to go downhill around 1:30AM, with a spokesperson for the club saying that there were numerous complaints from VIP patrons about McGuiness being disruptive. "We cannot tolerate this behavior from anyone, celebrity or not," the venue said.

A source said, "A nearby table complained to staff and claimed Jay stole drinks and caused a fight between punters, so security attempted to remove him from the VIP area. He pushed back to try to get them off him, so the security thwacked him. He was knocked clean to the floor, and was dragged from the venue."

Ugh, how embarrassing!

The insider finished, "An ambulance was called, and Tom went outside to check Jay was OK and put him in a car home. It was a really nasty turn of events."

The club says that the boy bander was merely restrained and got his earring caught during the fracas.

Jay's side of the story is markedly different, according to The Mirror. A source close to McGuiness said that he had no occasion to steal drinks, since the booze was readily available (and for free) at his own table. If he had stolen a bevvie, it was purely by accident. He also did not receive treatment from medical personnel. He headed home with an assist from Parker.