James Cameron's Titanic is a revered American drama, while the actual Titanic was the site of a real life mass-scale tragedy — and soon "Titanic" will be the name of a slightly morbid amusement park, too.

The upcoming attraction will be part of one of several theme parks planned to open in Dubai, a wealthy UAE city that's known for other extreme diversions including the world's tallest water slide.

According to a press release, it'll be part of 20th Century Fox World, which sounds like something from an episode of The Simpsons yet will be very real come 2018. Planned "themed lands" inspired by Fox properties also include Ice Age and Rio (great idea), Planet of the Apes (experience the primate uprising for yourself!), Aliens and Predator (maybe not for the kids but sounds fun), Night at the Museum (perfect), The Simpsons (there's already Universal Studios Simpsons parks and they're incredible) and Sons of Anarchy (violent motorcycle gangs, wheee!). A Malaysian 20th Century Fox World is already under construction.

President of Fox Consumer Products Jeffrey Godsick told Variety (quote via PEOPLE), “We are working on creating an immersive experience that includes motion theater simulators and will allow you to experience what it was like to be on the Titanic in an exciting way.” This sounds similar to the sort of TV and movie-themed 3D and roller coaster attractions that are currently offered at Universal Studios parks in Orlando and Hollywood.

But my main question is, when Godsick says "what it was like" does he refer to the heady, fictional rush of cross-class love like that of Jack and Rose in the 1997 film? Or does he mean the sheer terror that the actual passengers felt in 1912 when 1500 men, women and children died of drowning and exposure in the Atlantic's icy waters? We're guessing the former, and there BETTER be a ride where Leonardo DiCaprio hugs you from behind while "My Heart Will Go On" plays. Will there be a giant simulated iceberg, too? So many questions.

Let us know if you're already planning a trip to the Middle East to check it out for yourself in 2018.

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