Olympic diver Tom Daley is perhaps as well known for his award-winning diving skills as he is his impeccably chiseled abs. (Don't worry, you can stare at them all you want in his official 2016 calendar. Such a gracious gold medalist!)

But now, it seems Daley's set his sights on another venture: YouTube fitness guru.

Just in time for you to start halfheartedly committing to all those New Year's fitness resolutions (#NEWYEARNEWYOU), Tom's just uploaded his first in a series of health and fitness life hacks. And the first tip he has for you on your path to wellness? Lemons. (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and Lemon Queen Yolanda Foster, no doubt, would co-sign this one immediately.)

"Over the next couple of videos, I'm going to let you into a few secrets of mine I do every single day to be able to stay in shape and get the best out of my body," he reveals in the first video. "The first thing I do every single morning is have a glass of lemon water."

Spliced between some gratuitous shirtless lemon water prep scenes, Tom tells us why lemon water is so beneficial: Boosting our immune system, flushing out toxins, enhancing our skin's appearance and curbing food cravings in the morning.

Honestly? We're all going to try it now. Watch: We'll be in Olympic shape by the Rio Summer Games. Thanks for the tips, Tom!

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