NBA star Tony Parker has filed a lawsuit against New York club W.i.P. and its owners for $20 million after suffering a scratched retina during a brawl last week allegedly involving Chris Brown and Drake. It's the first official lawsuit -- of soon-to-be many -- that has been filed regarding the violent champagne bottle-throwing fight that has injured several people.

According to the New York Post, the San Antonio Spurs guard registered his claim on Thursday (June 21) in State Supreme Court in New York. Parker is accusing the club of negligence for poor security and allowing the fight to happened in the club.

Parker's attorney, David Jaroslawicz, wouldn't reveal the extent of the b-baller's injuries, but noted that eye injuries "certainly don’t improve your outside shot." It must also be noted that Chris Brown nor Drake are mentioned in the lawsuit.

Parker's attorney feels that the club owners were at fault because they should have known not to sit Brown and Drake near each other since they have been publicly fighting over Rihanna. Then by serving both parties expensive champagne bottles, “you’re throwing gasoline [onto] the flames," said Jaroslawicz.

In the aftermath of the brawl, the W.i.P. club has since closed its doors and the manager was arrested on unrelated charges.

Brown, his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, and his bodyguard were among the eight injured during the melee inside the club. Also hurt in the brawl was an Australian tourist, a clubgoer and a New York model.

Parker was prepared to practice with the French basketball team for the Summer Olympics but is now sidelined for a week as his eye heels. "I’ll be missing the start of the French team because I can’t do anything for a week except keep the lens in and then take [eye] drops," he said.

Attorneys for the club had no comment on the matter.

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