Is there really nothing else to do in Wyoming? A woman was recently filmed dancing on the street to music playing in her car by a neighbor. Did we mention the woman was wearing only a bra up top and doesn't know all the lyrics to 'Firework' by Katy Perry?

The clip seems determined to go viral, and based on the burning sensations it left in our eyes, it's taking that term both figuratively and literally. The guy filming claims to be completely repulsed, making remarks like, "Crack kills and also makes your neighbors sick to their stomachs." But just like rubbernecking in a four-car-pileup or watching a trainwreck, he remains mesmerized by the raven-haired, somewhat overconfident woman shaking what her mama gave her.

The woman keeps dancing, occasionally talking to herself, until police come to the scene. It's hard to hear everything that the cops and woman are saying, but we do observe her feeling herself up and getting sassy. How does she deal with the officers? Watch and find out for yourself, but be warned: It may leave you feeling like a plastic bag.