Tori Kelly is reportedly in the hospital after she collapsed while out to dinner with friends in Los Angeles this past weekend.

TMZ reports the 30-year-old singer is in "really serious" condition after she fainted on Sunday (July 23).

According to TMZ, prior to collapsing Kelly alerted her friends that she was experiencing an abnormally fast heartbeat. TMZ reports she was "out for a while" after fainting.

Her friends immediately drove her to Cedars-Sinai hospital in West Hollywood.

According to the tabloid, doctors found blood clots in the "Paper Hearts" singer's legs and lungs. They are reportedly still trying to determine if there are clots by her heart.

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The former American Idol contestant has been laying low as of late.

In 2022, Kelly explained on Twitter why she hadn't released new music.

"I see your comments & I get frustrated too [because] I just wanna put this music out & tour again but unfortunately it's not as simple as just releasing songs whenever I want. I wish the business side of things didn’t sometimes slow down the process… but..." she tweeted last June.

"That being said... It's led to a better situation & I'm so grateful for the team around me. So yes it’s taken longer than I would’ve liked & I'm so grateful for yall's [sic] patience. Trust me when I say... It’ll all be worth it," she continued.

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