A "transphobic" woman was roasted on Reddit after she told the groom, whose Best Man ("now his Best Woman") has been "medically transitioning for about a year," to pick someone else for the role so as not to offend her conservative family.

The bride-to-be explained that she and her fiancé, Kevin, were supposed to get married a few years ago, but decided to postpone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We've now set a date for this coming August and as we get closer more and more thoughts keep coming to me about how it should go. My biggest issue is that Kevin's best man is no longer his best man and is now his best woman," the bride wrote via Reddit.

"Kevin and Amy (MTF26) have been friends for a little over a decade and when they first met up until two years ago when our wedding was supposed to happen Amy identified as a man," she continued, adding that Kevin considers Amy "family," and that the two are in an "almost sibling-like relationship."

"Initially Amy had planned to not come out to Kevin until after the wedding but after finding out that the wedding was going to be delayed she came out to him. Without consulting me Kevin told her that he was fine with all of that and that if she was at a stage where she'd like to wear a dress when our wedding happened that he would find her a dress that matched the colors he had for his groomsmen," the bride continued.

She shared she doesn't "have a problem with Amy" and understands "how close she is to Kevin," but doesn't believe her "very traditional family" will be accepting of the wedding party with Amy in it.

"Kevin has often said that this wedding isn't that important to him and that the only reason he's doing it is because it's important to me and my family," she noted.

The bride-to-be added that her family "would have a lot of issues with Amy," and she fears it would bring "unwanted or outright rude attention towards her."

"For this reason I've asked my fiancé to choose someone else to be his best man and request that Amy attend as just a guest. This has led to a large fight between the two of us with Kevin threatening to cancel the wedding if Amy can't be part of the wedding party because he wants someone from his family in it," she continued.

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the bride, telling her to stand up to her family.

"This is incredibly transphobic! Amy is his best friend and when your fiancé chooses her as his best man, you have to respect that, and so does your family. Your family is the problem, not Amy. And you should hold your fiancé‘s back and support his decision if you want your relationship to last," one person wrote.

"You know the difference between a transphobe and someone who caters to transphobes? Nothing. They’re all transphobes. And by they, I mean you. However much you think you’re not, you’re transphobic. This wedding should not take place. You’re not trying to marry your fiancé, you’re trying to put on a show for your family — a show for close-minded bigots. Your fiancé thought he was marrying a partner, but you’ve disabused him of that notion. He’s marrying a coward, who only 'supports' people when it won’t cost her anything," another commented.

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