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In the midst of a political and cultural crisis, pop music is more and more becoming a call to action rather than simply an escape. On "Stand Up," Nashville dream-pop singer-songwriter TRELLA encourages listeners to mobilize.

The Jacksonville, Florida-bred indie artist touts bravery, perseverance and strength on her sweeping, atmospheric new single, premiering exclusively on PopCrush.

"You tried to cage me / Thought that you could pull me down and drown me out / Thought that you'd a won by now," she sings in her smokey, honeyed tone over amid a soundscape of moody synths, flickering piano flourishes, twinkling beats and light guitar strums.

"'Stand Up' is a song about action and empowerment. I wrote it not only in an attempt to empower myself into action, but to call and empower the world into action," TRELLA explains of the song's mission statement. "For my friends born into the cycle of poverty, systemic oppression, caught up in abusive relationships, and for those who have been defining themselves by the words of their verbal abusers, I 'Stand Up' for you."

"For those who feel as if they have nothing more to live for, for those who have been told that who they are is unwelcome in society, and for those who have had their rights stripped from them... I call the world to 'Stand Up' for those who have been stripped of their voice, and I sing this song to give a voice back to them," she adds.

Listen below:

TRELLA's debut EP, Vapor, is out March 17. Discover more TRELLA music on SoundCloud.

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