20 Must-See TV And Movie Cast Reunions

The Boy Meets World crew's final classroom discussion with Mr. Feeny? Absolute tearjerker. Rory Gilmore's last cup of coffee in Stars Hollow before hitting the road? An arrow straight through the heart. And though some of our favorite TV shows and movies are gone for good, the wonders of social media have afforded us the chance to get in back in touch Buffy, Winnie and anyone who ever roamed the halls of Degrassi Community School.

Ever since Twitter and Instagram became as ubiquitous as text messages or voicemails, actors have delighted fans by posting updates whenever they reunite with former co-stars. High School Musical's key players have done it at a costume party, Friday Night Lights' starters joined forces once more to meet Scott Porter's son and the Hocus Pocus kids settled for reconnecting on Halloween night (spooky!). Where cult followings might have previously been none the wiser, they're suddenly excited witness to homecomings they could've only previously dreamed of — and when pics are published, it's as if no time has passed.

Full HouseArrested Development and more beloved productions have been lucky enough to rise from the dead, but where all others are concerned, we'll just have to settle for the occasional get-together. Look back at 20 of our favorite recent TV and movie cast reunions above, and tell us if there are any others you're waiting for!

See a collection of child stars all grown up: