Ever since Miley Cyrus posted her viral twerking video, we've become enamored with this dance. Who doesn't love to twerk? Even Taylor Swift is getting in on the action. Innocent little T. Swift, people! We realize twerking got quite a few high school kids into trouble, and we're very sorry for that, but if twerking is wrong then we don't wanna be right!

Pop stars like Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Beyonce all show us their best booty pops in these twerk GIFs, and we're just patiently awaiting the day when music's biggest names will form their very own twerk team. Take a look at these pop star twerking GIFs, because we think these kooky kids have got a future with this dance craze!

Twerking with a gun?! As your hubby would say, "Beyonce, you crazy for that one!"

Bruno Mars demonstrates that the allure of twerking knows no bounds.

Shake what your momma gave ya, Breezy!

We could probably watch Ciara twerk on repeat for the rest of eternity...or at the very least a solid hour.

The most swoon-worthy twerk obviously belongs to Harry Styles of One Direction.

Keep it going, Harry! We're likin' what we're seein'!

Miley's twerking video that set off our national love affair with this mesmerizing dance.

Does Nicki Minaj's verse in Big Sean's 'Dance A$$' provide the best twerking soundtrack? Yes. The answer is yes.

Redfoo of LMFAO surely ain't sorry for party rockin' when he twerks in his banana hammock!

Oh snap! Rihanna can get it with that twerk!

The Taylor Swift Twerk Team really goes for it.

Just remember, twerking is for the children.