A woman in New Jersey received a heartwarming Mother's Day gift this year after her husband's twin daughters asked her to adopt them.

Gabriella Ruvolo and her sister Juliana gave stepmom Becky a photo book in honor of the holiday.

The three sat next to each other as Becky flipped through the pages, reading each one out loud as dad Pete filmed and shared via TikTok.

When Becky reached the last page — which posed the question of adoption — she became overwhelmed as she tearfully told the 20-year-old twins, "Of course I will!"

Watch the video here:

"After 12 years of love, our biggest dream came true," Gabriela captioned the viral clip that has been viewed over 5.1 million times.

Users commented on the sweet moment.

"She's not just the step-mom ... she's the mom that stepped up," one person wrote, while another commented: "Blood doesn’t make a family, only love can do that!"

Becky told Good Morning America she was not expecting the moment. "I was so caught off guard," she said. "When I read that, it was just pure shock and an honor and the emotions of just like, 'Is this really happening?'"

"We figured, like, what's the best time to ask the biggest question we will probably ever ask? And why not make it on Mother's Day? Ask our mom to officially be our mother on the day dedicated to her," Julianna said. "We always went to her as we would a mom. She was always there for us."

"We were already calling her mom because it felt so natural," Gabriella explained. "We met as friends and then she became mom and it was just, from the start, it was like love at first sight."

Becky met the girls when they were 8 and knew from the beginning they were meant to be a family.

"When I met the girls, I was very nervous, but we hit it off," she shared. "And it kind of just snowballed and flowed from there into our family."

Pete was ecstatic that the girls' surprise went off without a hitch and he was able to capture the beautiful moment on film.

"To actually see it unfold just filled me with such a feeling of pride, proud for my girls and for my wife. I know how happy that would make her and it really was such a special moment," he said. "It's possible to have a true family whether it [is] blended or not. And you can have this kind of love."

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