It seems like Tameka Foster can't just let it burn. Usher broke down in tears in court today following allegations of being a bad dad to his adorable sons, Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond.

TMZ reports that Usher was on the witness stand for hours earlier today (May 21) and that a lot of the questioning centered around his partying. When Foster's attorney implied that Ush loved partying more than his own kids, he reached for tissues and looked clearly distraught.

Usher and Foster were in court in a fierce, ongoing custody battle. The 'Scream' singer wants more custody of and time with his little boys, but Foster and her lawyer are arguing that he'd rather party than watch his sons grow up. Other problematic inquiries? Foster's lawyer took hits at Usher for taking hits of his own, bringing up his alleged marijuana and ecstasy use. Ush and his attorney attempted to dodge both of those damning accusations.

For all of the accusations against Usher, Foster doesn't sound like an ideal role model for children either. Earlier that day, Usher testified that Foster, who has three children by two other men from prior relationships, allegedly hit Usher, threatened his new girlfriend, spit in her face and flung a plate of food at their car. Somehow, we can't picture her picking anyone up from soccer practice.

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