Lala Kent is happy to "ball on a budget."

The 33-year-old star has slammed the idea that she's "bougie" and has instead insisted that she strives to be chic "without breaking the bank."

The Vanderpump Rules star told E! News: "People think I'm bougie, but, I'm not. No, no, no. I ball on a budget.

"I want to buy things that I can wear a million different ways. I want to be chic without breaking the bank and I feel like I've conquered that."

Kent wants to look chic - but she's also eager to feel "comfortable."

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The TV star explained: "I want to look chic, yet feel comfortable.

"I'm all for outfit repeating, I don't even care. I just tweak here and there and it works. If it looks good, I'm going to keep wearing it."

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Kent admitted that the stars of Vanderpump Rules have a "very strange" dynamic.

The blonde beauty believes that the hit TV show is "incredible to watch" because of the "crazy" dynamic between the reality stars.

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She said on "Impact X Nightline": "This is a group where [if] you sleep with my boyfriend, I’m mad at you for now and then we go back to being best friends."

Kent acknowledged that the cast members have all evolved in different ways over the years. However, she believes that the show remains as absorbing as ever.

She explained: "The dynamic between all of us is very strange but it’s incredible to watch.

"And even though we’ve all evolved into different jobs and buying homes [and] having children, the level of crazy is still there."

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