By now, Adele is probably used to breaking records, having hits and pocketing trophies. However, even the soulstress herself would be shocked to learn just how many people she moves with her music.

Case in point: 'Rolling in the Deep' has been covered on YouTube more than 350,000 times. Someone with an amazing amount of time and patience went through the videos and picked the best clips, creating an audio and visual montage of the global phenomenon.

The first verse features scorned women worldwide belting their hearts out. We spotted the adorable Brit Sophia Grace Brownlee's 'Ellen' appearance!

The second verse features an equally talented lineup of gentlemen. 'American Idol' alum David Cook has a cameo, as well as YouTube sensation Sam Tsui, whose medley of 2011's biggest summer pop hits is still stuck in our heads.

The final portion of the video is a unisex one, with shots of K-Pop sensation Park Ji Min, jelly bean enthusiast Kina Grannis and Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. The clip closes out with John Legend's roaring rendition of 'Rolling.'

The global popularity of the song speaks volumes of just how much it speaks to listeners, fans and fellow artists. The endless covers of 'Rolling in the Deep' broke language both barriers and records. We must say, though there are plenty of worthy contenders here, there's still nothing like the real thing.