Lady Gaga will appear on the season finale of 'The Simpsons' on FOX on Sunday, May 20. She will play herself and wear –get this!? -- 18 outfits. Art will certainly imitate life when Gaga roars into Springfield. FOX has released an image of Gaga from her episode exclusively via EW and she looks fashion forward, even as a cartoon.

Gaga  is wearing white platforms, a short blue and white dress and a tiara perched atop her head of big, blonde waves. She looks faboo. Plotwise, she takes it upon herself to cheer up Lisa Simpson, the voice of reason on the show and now, a social outcast.

What lesson will Gaga teach Lisa and other Springfieldians? We'll tune in and find out, but more importantly, what assortment of amazing shoes, wigs and ensembles will Mother Monster wear? That's the real reason we'll be glued to the TV, taking in the other 17 garments she will sport on the show.

We''re going to venture a guess that Gaga will give Lisa fashion advice and perhaps lend her something from her vast, expansive and fabulous designer outfit-filled suitcase, too. We're predicting little Lisa will get a Gaga makeover.