The petition launched to deport Justin Bieber is being run up the political flagpole.

The petition asks the government to send The Biebs, who was arrested a week ago, back to his native Canada since he is considered a dangerous and reckless threat to citizens, a bad influence on our youth and a poor representation of pop culture after his various legal issues. It has reached over 100,000 signatures.

That means that the White House is obligated to respond to the petition, which also requests that the teen's green card be revoked.

We the People, which is where the petition lives, states that if a petition receives a signature threshold, the administration will respond. As if Obama and co. didn't have other things to do, like, say, balance the budget, create more jobs and deal with other assorted diplomatic issues.

However, the White House usually reviews and responds to petitions that exceed 100,000 signatures within a 30-day period, according to ABC News. A spokesperson for the White House even said: "Every petition that crosses the threshold will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and receive a response."

Visa cancelations would be dealt with by the State Department, with a spokeswoman saying, "We're getting down quite a rabbit hole here with Justin Bieber, but ... I will check and see what the visa implications would be for anybody who is found of possibly violating the law."

In other Biebs news, he has pleaded not guilty to the Miami charges of DUI, drag racing and more.