The 2014 Teen Choice Awards were chock-full of killer performances from Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo, Rixton, Magic! and Becky G. While each artist kicked some serious ass on stage, we have to ask: Whose performance was best?

Demi Lovato couldn't have kicked off the 2014 Teen Choice Awards with a better performance, getting the crowd insanely hyped with her passionate and leather-filled rendition of 'Really Don't Care.' And once Cher Lloyd took the stage, we knew we were in for an awesome treat.

Watch Demi Lovato + Cher Lloyd Perform 'Really Don't Care' at the 2014 TCAs

Magic! took the stage to perform their smash 'Rude,' which is undeniably one of the biggest hits of the summer. While the Canadian reggae band's performance was toned down a little more than some of the other artists', it perfectly fit the vibe of the laid-back song, and even had celebs like Shailene Woodley and Fifth Harmony up out of their seats and dancing.

Watch Magic! Perform 'Rude' at the 2014 TCAs

Rixton performed a mashup of two of their hits -- their newest single, 'Wait on Me,' and 'Me and My Broken Heart,' the British band's breakout track. The guys didn't just look dapper, they also put on a kickass show, infusing their performance with an abundance of energy, passion and genuine talent.

Watch Rixton Perform 'Wait on Me' + 'Me and My Broken Heart' at the 2014 TCAs

Becky G was the youngest performer on the 2014 Teen Choice Awards stage, but you would never know it from her awesome-beyond-her-years performance of 'Shower'. Becky G worked that stage like nobody's business, singing her heart out and flaunting some seriously killer dance moves. Work it, girl!

Watch Becky G Perform 'Shower' at the 2014 TCAs

Jason Derulo closed the show with arguably one of the best performances of the night, ending the 2014 Teen Choice Awards with a perfectly executed mashup of 'Wiggle' and 'Talk Dirty,' throwing his whole heart into the performance, showing off those sizzling dance moves that had our hands over our mouths and our jaws on the floor.

Watch Jason Derulo Perform 'Wiggle' + 'Talk Dirty' at the 2014 TCAs

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