A 27-year-old woman in California is taking matters into her own hands when it comes to her love life — and she's going viral in the process.

On TikTok, Emily Zgoda, a.k.a. @crazyauntemily, has been chronicling her experience approaching attractive men she spots in public and handing them her "dating résumé," which includes surfing at Black's Beach, crying to (500) Days of Summer and "smashing" mac 'n' cheese, as well as her name, age and contact information.

The "résumé" also lists her hobbies and interests, which include house music, sunsets and basketball.

The front of the "résumé" features a funny photo of Zdoba in her element: surfing.

The San Diego-based single had the idea after struggling to find someone special using traditional dating apps.

Though being her very own wingwoman hasn't panned out in the form of a relationship so far, the hopeful romantic hasn't given up just yet, hitting up farmers markets, ski resorts, grocery stores and even gas stations in the search for love.

Her approach has captivated TikTok, with many viewers calling her idea "brilliant" and "genius" in the comments of her videos.

"This is literally the best thing on the internet," one user commented on one of Zgoda's videos.

"You're literally gonna meet your soulmate doing this," someone else wrote.

"This is such a good idea," another shared.

Even dating app Tinder noticed the woman's clever approach and weighed in.

"Emily. plz don’t put us out of business!" the brand commented under one clip.

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