A woman became enraged after her friend booked the exact same cruise vacation as her and her husband's wedding anniversary trip.

"My husband and I have finally booked our dream cruise trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Our cruise is in one week. We are so excited and had everything planned since a month ago. My husband is in the military, so the cruise was going to be a great time to connect one-on-one and have quality time since he was deployed overseas recently," she wrote on Reddit.

Everyone at her husband's job knew about their trip, so she was shocked when one of his co-worker's informed them they would also be going on the same cruise.

"I got really upset. My husband and I go out a lot with them, usually to drink and party, and I definitely do not want to see them or talk to them on the cruise. I wanted my anniversary to be an opportunity to connect with my husband, not to party out with friends," she continued.

The woman finds the "whole situation very strange," and is confused about why their friend didn't notify the couple first "knowing how important and how excited I was for my anniversary."

"I understand that it's not my place to dictate where they can book their trip, but I feel it's weird, especially since we hadn't invited them or insinuated that we wanted them there. I honestly feel that my so-called friend is an envious person, as I've noticed strange attitudes in our past get-togethers. It seems to me that she convinced her husband to go on the cruise. I know for a fact that they are in debt AND they're currently on vacation. So the husband, who is on vacation, will go back to work for three days or something like that and then go on vacation again in our trip," she explained.

"Now I have to worry about encountering them while being on the ship instead of focusing on celebrating my anniversary with my husband. I'm upset. It feels weird," the woman concluded.

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Users in the comments section slammed the other couple for intruding on their anniversary trip.

"Just let your friend know that you heard they will be on the same cruise as you. And that you hope she has a fun cruise but make it clear that you and your husband are really looking forward to spending quality time alone with each other and so you won’t be hanging out with them on the cruise. That’s really weird that she did that behind your back," one person wrote.

"Silence can speak volumes. If they ask what excursions, what table, what seating time, etc., just look at them and say absolutely nothing," another wrote.

"Let your friend know: This is our anniversary cruise. So, if you and your husband see us anywhere on the ship, just act like you don’t know us and we’ll do the same. We’re looking forward to it being just the two of us," someone else chimed in.

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