Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are BFFs, but what if they had a falling out and needed a new buddy to confide in? Which pop leading lady would you prefer to be around 24/7?

Selena Gomez is really good friends with Demi Lovato, so chances are you might hang out with both starlets. Gomez, a Texas native, has also recently struck up a friendship with Katy Perry, probably bonding over their ex-boyfriends. Judging from Selena's Twitter, you and her would probably be choreographing tons of dance routines and perhaps partying it up in L.A. with her 'Spring Breakers' co-stars.

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, surrounds herself with a gaggle of ladies who are not famous. The '22' singer appears to enjoy staying home in her Nashville, Tenn. home doing things like baking and performing goofy songs into a hair brush microphone, or so we'd like to think. It seems as though Taylor is perpetually on tour, so  you might get to travel the world!

So which is it? Vote below.