The 'X Factor' debuted big last night, with plenty of laughable (and trite) contestants but even more head-turners. It might make fans of reality competition series that center on music say, 'American Idol who?'

Cheryl Cole's early segments aired, before she was swapped out for Nicole Scherzinger, this series' answer to Jennifer Lopez!

The single most shocking moment of the two hours? When Geo Godley, 43, dropped trou, sending Paula Abdul running for the rest room. Ick. Obviously he didn't advance! One tone deaf contestant -- you won't remember her in a week, we can't less than 12 hours later, which should tell you something about her "talents"-- even got into a shouting match with Simon Cowell! Let's hope these silly audition round moments fade quickly in favor of the real talent that's not there for comedic relief, like the seven listed below.

Chris Rene: He hauls trash, got out of rehab, has a son and won the judges over with his rap/R&B hybrid 'Young Homie,' which was an original song! Cowell even said that while Rene needs the show, the show likely needs him for his star quality.
Watch His 'Young Homie' Performance

The Answer: This super cute boy band trio serenaded birthday girl Nicole Scherzinger (nice touch, guys) and a Britney/Adele mashup.
Watch the Answer Perform an Adele/ Britney Mashup

Marcus Canty: He was dangerously close to his mother's deadline of two years to jump start his music career or go to college. He wowed the judges with his singing and dancing and the deadline has been extended.
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Stacy Francis: She's a single mom of two, but she has the pipes to bring a house down as her performance of '(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman' demonstrated. She said she doesn't want the music she has in her to die inside her. Anyone have a tissue?
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Simone Battle: She didn't make the hair on L.A. Reid's arms stand on end, but she still got a second chance because of her confidence. She can "battle" to the top if she works. Hard.
Watch Simone Battle Try to Win Over the Judges

Siameze Floyd: Prince just might sue for copyright infringement, but Siameze has charm, energy and energy drink aspirations; he wants a beverage named after him. His high leg kicks almost split his pants' seam. He entertains, to say the least, but will likely be an early exit from heated competition.
Watch Siameze Floyd's Prince Routine

Rachel Crowe: Simon said she's the reason that they lowered the entry age for 'X Factor.' She belted out Duffy's 'Mercy' like it was the easiest thing in the world. She was super adorable! Two thumbs up. Three if we had a third hand!
Watch Her Perform Duffy's 'Mercy'