Zac Efron revealed that Seth Rogen is doing us all a solid favor — convincing Zefron to go shirtless as much as possible.

The ‘Neighbors’ actor recently spoke with Jimmy Fallon, opening up about on-set shenanigans with costar Seth. Zac doesn’t shy away from showing off his lean bod in their new comedy, but according to him, that’s not entirely his fault.

The former ‘High School Musical’ star is pointing the finger at Seth, claiming the comedian would tell him to strip off his shirt for scenes where it wasn’t even required (but is much appreciated).

"I would do anything at his command," Zac admitted, citing Seth as one of his idols. "He would just say, 'Zac, shirt off in this scene,' and I'd be like okay, yes, sir. Eventually, I realized that the cameras weren't even really pointed my direction."

The suited-up actor added with a laugh, “He was just f---ing with me."

Earlier this week, Seth and Zac starred in a hilarious skit alongside Jimmy where they donned dresses, tights, and questionable wigs to take on the roles of teenage girls. Judging by their senses of humor, we can definitely see Seth messing around with his costar on set.

‘Neighbors’ will be released in theaters tomorrow (May 9), and we’re not embarrassed to say we’ll be in line opening night.

Check out Zac's full NSFW interview with Jimmy Fallon below.