If you ever wondered what Zac Efron and Seth Rogen would look like as teenage girls (because who hasn't?) well, here's your chance. The 'Neighbors' stars stopped by 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' last night, May 6, and dressed up as gossip-y young ladies for the host's hilarious 'Ew!' skit.

Seth Rogen was the first guest to appear in Sara (Jimmy Fallon)'s bedroom, showing up in a braided red wig, super glossy lipgloss, "Maybe" necklace and a floral print dress. Of course, Seth's character Allison also brought over some Starbucks, which Sara sipped until she immediately got brain freeze. Soon after, the girls were joined by Zac Efron, who donned a long, black wig, a different floral print dress (with a matching flower headband, of course) and some Peter Pan-esque tights to play the role of Britney.

Zac-as-Britney was super psyched to start in on the selfies ("I be taking them all day," s/he said), and the group posed provocatively for the pics. But the real treat was when the actors (still in character!) all started dancing to the Lil' Jon hit 'Turn Down for What.' Not only did Zac shimmy and shake his butt, he also moved his hands all up and down his body while dancing.

He may be dressed as a hysterical teenage girl, but there's no one alive who wouldn't want to see those sweet Zac Efron moves. Watch the video above!

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