Part of the grieving process is immersing yourself in that which you lost, right? Well, it better be, because that's the way we're dealing with Zayn Malik's sudden departure from One Direction. As much as we'll miss his stunning good looks and his tweets about Walmart, the truth is his voice is irreplaceable and we'll miss that part of him most of all.

We decided to put together a list of his most iconic phrases, notes and lines in specific One Direction songs. And sure, everything Zayn's vocal chords touched turned to gold (past tense, ouch), we know that, but these specific instances are the ones that seriously blew us away. One of our favorite things about One Direction is the melding of each members' different vocal stylings -- and it's something we'll miss dearly now that Zayn's gone.

We get a little choked up when we realize we'll never hear Zayn sing these songs live again, but at least we have the recordings, right? (We're not okay.)

  • 1

    "Tell Me a Lie"

    That high note in "Tell Me a Lie" was the beginning of great things to come. Every time One Direction played the song live during their Up All Night tour, a million smartphones came to life right before Zayn got into it, recording it as proof his vocal prowess was really that real and that good.

  • 2

    "What Makes You Beautiful"

    The very end of "What Makes You Beautiful" has that extended note that only Zayn could ever pull off in any song. We'll never hear it live again.

  • 3

    "Live While We're Young"

    The Take Me Home era was supposed to be Zayn's time to shine, and in some ways it was. People really started to appreciate his vocal acrobatics, and it was about time. His verses on "Live While We're Young" were scandalous and salacious, but delivered with just enough attitude to keep it fun. "Don't let the pictures leave your phone" couldn't be sung by any other member in quite the same way.

  • 4

    "You and I"

    That high note.

  • 5

    "Best Song Ever"

    Fans fought over whose falsetto dominated the end of "Best Song Ever" for what felt like ages -- was it Liam or was it Zayn? It wasn't until the music video came out that those on Team Liam were silenced, and Zayn reigned supreme.

  • 6

    "Half a Heart"

    Because these lyrics have never been more appropriate: "And being here without you / Is like I'm waking up to / Only half a blue sky / Kinda there but not quite / I'm walking 'round with just one shoe / I'm half a heart without you."

  • 7

    "Steal My Girl"

    Zayn is all falsetto all the time on Four, and why shouldn't he be? "Steal My Girl" was the first new One Direction track fans got in almost a year, and we knew it was a hit as soon as Zayn started hitting notes only dogs can hear.

  • 8


    The most ominous of all One Direction songs, "Spaces" sounds like a premonition now. "Who's gonna be the first to say goodbye?" It's a breakup song, sure, but it doesn't sound like it's about a relationship anymore.