Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are ever so slowly cementing their status as entertainment’s most in vogue couple. From starring — quite literally — in a Vogue spread, to tweeting about each other ad nauseam, it’s all very public and showy and sickening. If they weren’t famous, they’d be that couple no one invites to group outings anymore, so overt are they in their expressions of mutual infatuation. But they both have nice faces and have yet to discover each other's irritating quirks, so it's an understandable overindulgence, and one that's on full display in a new behind-the-scenes video from Vogue.

Gigi does most of the talking, here, cluing viewers in on the weather (endlessly rainy), the location (an alleyway), the poses (a headstand). Zayn prefers to ignore the camera, saving his significant brain power and energy for private moments with Gigi, instead.

"We ended up having to drive eight hours overnight,” she said of the couple's Naples shoot. “But if anyone could keep me entertained on a road trip without phone service or Wi-Fi, it’s Zayn."

Zayn, meanwhile, is less willing to speak to the nuances of their relationship, sticking to the far more comfortable topic of his post-One Direction music instead.

"I’m constantly writing and have been for the past six years,” he tells Vogue for their print interview. “It’s what I do to get me through a time, to keep momentum.”

But back to the video, which is painful in its brevity: You never really know where Zayn ends and Gigi begins. Ensconced is the word for it, really, they're so firmly planted within the other. It would be sweet if the universe weren't such an overly bitter, resentful place. But if you're at a point in your life where you can be happy for beautiful bliss, you are the proper audience for the video above. You should probably watch it even if you're not.

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