Zayn Malik may have left One Direction to "be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight," but he recently proved he can still make waves on the internet with just one Instagram post.

On Saturday (June 6), the singer shared an adorably candid photo with his fiancee, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. Perrie's snuggling into Zayn while wearing an oversized "boyfriend sweater," looking happy and — going by the context clues in the picture — maybe a little tipsy. Zayn's holding a beer in the hand that's not on Perrie, but the true star of the Insta post is his new look: He's dyed his buzz cut lime green.

Dyeing your hair isn't exactly pushing the envelope in 2015 — what was punk rock and edgy 30 years ago has become just another accessory for pop stars like Katy Perry and Adam Lambert. And Lady Gaga. And Nicki get the point: It's been done. Still, it's a bit of a bold move for a former member of a quintet that at least tries to put forth a squeaky-clean image, and Directioners seemed to take it as another assertion of Zayn's new independence.

As his post immediately launched a thousand "he's trying to be the new Joker!" jokes, his caption, "#GreenHairDontCare," started trending on Twitter. 1D fans and here-for-Zayn fans tweeted an avalanche of memes poking mostly-harmless fun at his new 'do. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Zayn and Perrie as the Fairly Odd Parents:

Zayn as green screen — a shade-tastic comment on his possible irrelevance outside of the group?

Zayn at home in a pile of watermelons. So summery!

Lots of folks called back to that time when Louis dyed his hair red for Red Nose Day, #Zouis forever:

Shrek was a popular comparison (minus two points for the vaguely homophobic casting of Naughty Boy as Princess Fiona):

And of course, Zayn as a highlighter:

What was your personal favorite?