With Thanksgiving on the horizon, the 'X Factor' Top 9 performed songs that celebrated and gave thanks to crucial people in their lives. Two acts will be voted off this week, so there was a lot at stake. We also learned so much about the contestants and their personal lives beyond their talents, so it was an enlightening, eye-opening episode.

Here's your PopCrush detailed recap, in case you missed the ep and don't have DVR.

The Girls:

Rachel Crow: She was born addicted and adopted, so she thanked her parents for saving her. She just won America's heart again, with her version of Yolanda Adams' 'I Believe' and her story. She's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Drew: Drew paid tribute to her best friend Shelby, who taught her to be herself, with cover of Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper.' Sorry, Deems, but we thought Drew stole the song right out from under you. Drew showed off a faster tempo and higher range, too. L.A. Reid doesn't think she does age-appropriate music.

Melanie Amaro: She gave thanks to God, revealed her accent and sang 'I Am the World's Greatest' by R Kelly. Mel showed her soul and vulnerability, since we already knew she has a powerhouse voice. Thumbs up.

The Boys:

Marcus Canty: He sang Boyz II Men's 'A Song for Mama' and showed his range and that he can pull off sensitive ballads. Remember, his mom gave him a deadline to make it as an entertainer and if he failed, he'd have to go to school, so he thanked her via his song. He can sing, dance and win our hearts.

Astro: His brilliance came from how he incorporated his apology for last week's bad behavior into this week's original rap. Nice touch, Astro. He thanked his fans, dubbed 'Astronauts,' in the song. So, has Jay-Z call you yet, Astro?

Chris Rene: He thanked his addiction sponsor and turned 'Let It Be' into a Chris Rene R&B/rap song, mixing it with his original tune, 'Young Homie.' He was terrific once again. All the judges claimed they were grateful to have him.

The Group:

Lakoda Rayne: The pop-country quartet thanked their dads, grandparents and boyfriends. They sang 'You Belong With Me' by Taylor Swift and proved that they 'belong' on the show. Their harmonies were the best they've been all season.

The Over 30s:

Josh Krajcik: He dedicated his song to his young daughter, who is teaching her how to live her dreams. His version of 'Wild Horses,' during which he played the piano, was flawless.

Leroy Bell: Leroy thanked his mother, who passed two years ago, with a soulful, soaring and passionate rendition of Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel.' Three of the judges loved it, connected with him and felt he will move forward.

Tune in tomorrow night at 8PM ET to find out which two acts are going home.