You haven't truly made it as a pop star once you've had a No. 1 hit. You have yet to peak even when you nab a role on a hugely popular reality TV singing competition. You have reached the height of fame, however, when you launch your own branded fragrance and that's just what Maroon 5 singer and 'The Voice' coach Adam Levine is doing.

The infinitely stylish and tattooed vocalist will launch his debut scent, 222 by Adam Levine, in May of 2013.

Levine, 32, is known for his thoroughly rock 'n' roll look and image, and that's precisely why ID Perfumes partnered with him. He's also an incredibly picky coach on 'The Voice,' so perhaps he'll be similarly choosy about the notes and accords he wants when creating his debut fragrance.

"Adam is a performer with tremendous charisma, both on stage and on TV. Endeavoring to capture that in a bottle has thus far been very exciting and we're certain the final products will be even more so," ID chairman and C.E.O. Ilia Lekach said in a statement, according to Us Weekly.

Two varieties of the fragrance will be created, one for men and one for women.

Fragrances are cash cows for celebs, and Levine is launching his at the perfect time.