Adam Levine -- the Maroon 5 singer, designer and 'The Voice' coach -- looks terrific for his age, with his ruggedly boyish good looks and his immeasurable charm. We've collected some -- actually, 35 -- of his most animated, expressive and fun GIFs as a coach on 'The Voice.'

With his perennial five o'clock shadow, rubbery expressions, smattering of tattoos and winning smile, there are plenty of Levine GIFs to gawk at. We're sure his bromance buddy Blake Shelton would share our joy at looking at these as much as we do.

A. Levine is certainly the unsung hero of 'The Voice,' and these GIFs prove that.

Giving the brush off -- and no, not to dandruff.

A goofy giggle. Love those tattoos, too.

Baby-making desires!

Adam likes to use his hands and arms to make points (aka woo contestants) to his team.

The coach crew -- he looks good in a suit and when getting fake slapped.

Bros for life.

Like a kid at a scary movie.

Lumberjack Levine... with the flannel.

Sooo boyish and clean cut. Does he summon expressive powers from his red chair?

Clap clap.

That sexy grin + the beginnings of his signature scruff = swoon.

Only A. Lev can make a grandpa cardigan look good.

The eyes have it.


That's a full on beard.

Love that grin and wink combo. Right, ladies?

He looks like a man with a master plan. He's also a lefty.

More bearded fun. Even though he's not rocking the flannel, he still looks ready to chop wood.

Oh, those cardis! Our guy is sexy in stripes.

Shaking his groove thing. Break us off a piece of dat!

Come to papa!

We know he makes cardis look good. But what about T-shirts? Oh, just the same.

A nod of approval from our handsome man.

The suit! The stare! The hair!

We got a wink, and that's when the knees buckled.

He is all about that dusting off.


Adam Levine says, "No, no, no" but we say, "Yes, yes, yes."

He says that like it's a bad thing. Actually, Adam, PopCrush is the authority on all things One Direction. We can't let Blake Shelton take the credit.

He has to be making that face at Blake.

The perfect raise of the perfectly arched brow.

Is this any way to treat a bromantic interest?

A. Lev's fiancee Behati Prinsloo is a lucky gal!

Not impressed.

Rocking out!