Adam Levine is just full of surprises! The day after he dropped the new Maroon 5 song 'Maps,' he revealed to Ryan Seacrest that Gwen Stefani is on his band's upcoming release, 'V.'

While calling into Seacrest's radio show, the host had no problem flat-out asking him about the rumors that the No Doubt frontwoman was on the album.

"How do you know everything already?" Levine asked Seacrest, hemming and hawing a little bit. "I wanted it to be a surprise," he quickly admitted. "But she is."

The 'Voice' judge also talked about the sound of Maroon 5's upcoming album.

"It's kind of everything we've ever done as a band, musically -- it's kind of all of those things on this album," Levine said. "It's what we used to sound like, it's what we sound like now, it's what we want to sound like tomorrow … it's all those elements all combined, to make, what I think, is a really great album."

Levine also touched on his upcoming wedding to Behati Prinsloo, and revealed that he asked her dad's permission before popping the question.

"I did ask his permission," Levine revealed. "I don't want to talk about it, you know how I am, but yes, of course I did. I had to. And it was extremely nerve-wracking."

We can imagine! But still, Levine and Seacrest both admitted that even hypothetically, if a father were to say no, you still have to go and marry the girl regardless.

You can check out Adam Levine's interview with Ryan Seacrest below.