Adam Levine is already a sure thing on the small screen as a coach on 'The Voice' and in guest capacity on 'American Horror Story.' He makes the leap to movies and his big screen debut with 'Begin Again' and is featured prominently in the film's trailer. So is his big ol' mountain man beard at one point.

'Begin Again,' formerly known as 'Can a Song Save Your Life?,' stars Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Taylor Swift's BFF Hailee Steinfeld and A. Lev's former 'Voice' co-coach Cee Lo Green. Yeah, that cast is pretty A-list!

The film lands at the multiplex on July 4 and it tracks the story of Ruffalo, a music biz exec fallen on hard professional times a la Jerry Maguire. He bonds with Keira Knightley's upstart singer-songwriter and recent NYC transplant, who gets dumped by Levine's on-the-verge rock star.

Ruffalo finds renewed professional vigor upon discovering Knightley, and they end up recording music wherever they feel like it.

Stick around for the Cee Lo freestyle jam at the end!

The film clearly explores the idea of redemption on multiple levels, since Levine's character, who becomes a major music star, seeks to right his past wrongs. It also zeroes in on an equally spectacular rise, fall and rise scenario  It is 'Jerry Maguire' for the music biz.

We're putting this on our list of "must see" films this summer. The cast is amazing. The story is powerful. And it's got A. Lev and Cee Lo. Duh. All reasons to see it. Will you?