The only thing better than Jimmy Fallon doing musical impressions is Jimmy Fallon doing musical impressions with Adam Levine.

The talented 'Tonight Show' host and Maroon 5 frontman wowed the crowd during a game of 'Musical Impressions' last night (Sept. 2), during which Levine impersonated artists like Frank Sinatra singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' and Michael Jackson covering the 'Sesame Street' theme song -- just to give you an idea.

The songs may have been silly, but there's no question that both Fallon and Levine are seriously talented -- just watch the comedian flawlessly imitate Bob Dylan or the 'Voice' judge do one killer impression of Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam singing the 'Muffin Man.' The only one they didn't quite pull off? Fallon's rendition of Iggy Azalea singing 'Old McDonald' -- though he did save it at the end with the line, "Let's get drunk at the mini barn." LOL!

Watch Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon nail the musical impressions in the video above!

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