Oh, well hello there gentlemen...

There's nothing like ending a hard week with two of pop music's finest, half-naked men staring at you all "come hither" like... so naturally, we are celebrating Friday in the best way possible, with a new batch of sexy shirtless dudes! This time, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and the Wanted's Max George are facing off for the title of hottest bare-chested bod. 

Adam Levine, 33, is proud of his body and had no qualms getting completely butt naked for Cosmopolitan in the U.K. You can't see the entire shot here, but there's a perfectly manicured female hand covering up his most private of areas. It's a daring shot that shows off his smokin' hot, heavily tattooed body, and we are pretty much about to faint looking at him so we're just going to stop here.

Oh, but writing about Max George is any easier? Nope, no it's not. George, 24, is super super buff, and his physique is a bit more beefed-up than Levine, who's got a slimmer but very toned body. The 'I Found You' boy bander posed for AXM magazine sans any clothing, and he's spoken in the past about being comfortable with nudity. We're glad for this, because we're quite comfortable looking at those biceps and abs!

So, who has got the hottest shirtless body? Is it Adam Levine from Maroon 5 or Max George from the Wanted? Ogle away and then cast your vote below!

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