Some artists like to green-screen themselves into really cool, potentially dangerous locations. Others prefer to bus a fleet of fans and crew members three hours outside of LA to find their dream locale.

The boys of After Romeo chose to embark on the latter adventure in the video for "Where The People Go," which we're happy to premiere today at PopCrush.

The Mike Torres-directed video was unique for a whole bunch of (somewhat terrifying) reasons: It was filmed in the "Burning Man"-esque desert setting of East Jesus, California, an experimental art installation made entirely out of vintage goods (and trash!) based within Slab City. Fifty fans were bussed in to make this thing happen. Two people were hospitalized for heat exhaustion in the 116 (!) degree heat. Oh, and there's no water (gulp) or electricity (NO WIFI?!) in East Jesus. To no one's surprise, "Where The People Go" is the first music video shot out there.

Nightmare? Kinda. But worth it? Judging by the resulting video, most definitely.

"This video for 'Where The People Go' is the craziest video ever," the guys told PopCrush. (We're inclined to agree with them.) "What you see is our idea on what we felt best represents the song — create a weird place with weird people and invite everyone to have a once in a lifetime experience.”

And weird it is! It's like a post-apocalyptic, A Clockwork Orange meets Mad Max free-for-all of fun in the middle of nowhere. So many crazy characters! Also, as a fun fact: the female puppet featured in the video is wearing an actual dress from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. Legit.

Check out the "Where The People Go" video premiere above.