As more women have been coming forward about their experiences with sexual harassment, Alice Glass, the former singer of Crystal Castles, has revealed that she left the band due to a decade of sexual abuse and assault by her bandmate, Ethan Kath.

Glass laid out her experiences in detail on her website yesterday (October 24), starting from the moment she met Kath in the 10th grade and revealed that the abuse started when she was 15 years old.

When they started Crystal Castles she said that he would give her alcohol, drugs and sex, which was not always consensual. And as the band's fame grew, Kath started to become violent.

"He held me over a staircase and threatened to throw me down it," she wrote. "He picked me up over his shoulders and threw me onto concrete. He took pictures of my bruises and posted them online. I tried to leave, and he swore that it would never happen again, that he would never physically abuse me again. More severe psychological and emotional abuse took its place."

Glass eventually left the band in October 2014, which she initially said was because of "a multitude of reasons." But her recent statement conveyed a more serious situation.

"As difficult as it was, I knew that leaving was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made," she ended the post. "It has taken me years to recover from enduring almost a decade of abuse, manipulation and psychological control. I am still recovering."

Since Glass' statement, Kath told Pitchfork via his lawyer, "I am outraged and hurt by the recent statements made by Alice about me and our prior relationship," he said. "Her story is pure fiction and I am consulting my lawyers as to my legal options. Fortunately, there are many witnesses who can and will confirm that I was never abusive to Alice."

Read Alice Glass' full statement here.

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