Aly Ryan wants to do it her way.

While she draws ample influence from such icons as ABBA and Pink Floyd, make no mistake: Ryan doesn't want to mimic their careers. "I have my dreams and goals but they are unique to me...How each of us reaches our goals is a path every human being has to carve out for themselves," she says. So far, the promising upstart has treated fans with two 1-2 punch singles: her groovy debut, "No Parachute," and its swirling follow-up, "Donate a Dollar." Both are reportedly cuts off her forthcoming debut EP, which she teases is set to drop "sometime this year."

"I wanna put out every song I make immediately. I know that’s such an artist thing to say, but to me, 'No Parachute' is a great beginning to my story," she shares of the song, which has already witnessed impressive streaming returns on SoundCloud. "I’m very happy and grateful that the song has been so well received. I think every artist dreams of an audience. It’s how we feel heard, received, understood."

Below, the hypnotic singer-songwriter, who hails from Germany, speaks about her upbringing and pivotal childhood moments.

Growing up in Germany, how crucial was music to your upbringing?
It was everything. I would come home from school, put an instrumental CD in my stereo and sing all day. I had no friends. Later on, I learned the piano and guitar and started writing my own music. It started with the urge of writing down the things I couldn’t say to people, or words I was afraid to say, so I would write them down on a piece of paper and come up with a melody to it.

What are some of the earliest memories you have attached to music?
My dad playing the guitar for me and singing to me every night. As a baby when I cried, he would start singing songs to me, and I would stop. Maybe that’s why I connect music to happiness. I also feel comforted when I hear or make music.

You've spoken about other music musical influences, including Annett Louisan, Herbert Grönemeyer, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. What about each of these artists left an indelible impression on you?
What they all have in common is that I connected to them and their music. The first two mentioned are German singers I grew up on. Annett Louisan was the first artist I was a big fan of. I was eight years old at the time. It’s so funny because her lyrics are very mature and her music is a blend of chanson and country in a sense, but I lived for her music. Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd are artists that my dad loved and played to me every night as a child, and ABBA was a band I discovered on my own. I’m in love with the harmonies and the sound of the band.

How did they influence your own sonic tendencies?
I try to listen to a lot of different music because I believe when you listen to one artist too much you start becoming them or at least try to imitate them, subconsciously. I try to see myself as a fan of other artists but think that for me to have my own identity I have to create something unique that tells the story of my personality and my world.

What is the stylistic scope of the rest of your new music?
I believe that if you like “No Parachute” and “Donate a Dollar” you will like the rest of the EP. It has a cohesive sound and topic through the project. I think the only song a little bit left from the rest will be the ballad because the other songs are more mid tempo or upbeat.

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