Amanda Bynes' parents have reportedly received another conservatorship over their troubled daughter, TMZ reports.

According to the site, Lynne and Rick Bynes filed legal documents stating that the actress is a "substantial risk" to both herself and others, including such incidents as her DUI arrest and worrisome and erratic behavior in NYC. TMZ also reports that Bynes had been carelessly spending her money, reportedly buying strangers jewelry and "blowing through a shocking amount of her savings." The site reports her net worth as being roughly $5.7 million.

News of Bynes' parents second conservatorship comes after her doctors have extended her psychiatric hold for another month, TMZ claims. The troubled actress has been in treatment for 18 days, following a string of bizarre antics that included claims that her father sexually abused her as a child (Bynes quickly recanted her statement and instead said that the microchip implanted in her brain made her say that). Bynes was also allegedly caught shoplifting and dancing erratically in stores, as well as reportedly assaulting a fan and claiming that she was engaged to her 19-year-old boyfriend.

We continue to keep Amanda Bynes in our thoughts during this time.