'American Idol' contestant, Jax, seriously impressed the judges with her slowed down, piano version of the Beatles classic 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' during her audition, which landed her a spot in Hollywood. She recently appeared on-air with New Jersey radio station 101.5, where she dished on 'Idol,' gushed about Sia and even rapped along to the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' theme song.

As for her memorable 'Idol' audition? She says that not thinking about the fact that she was going to be performing a legendary Beatles song is what ultimately helped her commit to that song choice in the end, because had she thought about it at all, she might have over thought it and picked a song that was, potentially, less controversial. Thankfully, things worked out pretty well for her!

Jax goes on to talk about how, if she could have her dream mentor on the show she would love to work with Sia, naming her an inspiration, along with Kelly Clarkson (totally appropriate choices if you ask us).

Finally, if you're someone who's even remotely familiar with classic 90s television shows, chances are pretty good that you've committed the entirety of the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' theme song to memory. Proving this theory right, Jax takes to the air to rap along with it and she totally delivers. Check it out in the video below!

Be sure to check out Jax's full interview in the video above!