Angelina Jolie's legal team has responded to Brad Pitt's request to seal documents pertaining to the former couple's custody battle. Jolie's attorney Laura Wasser stated in new documents that while they are fine with sealing them, Pitt's claims about Jolie's lack of privacy discretion are a tactic, because he's "terrified that the public will learn the truth."

Wasser further stated in the documents that Pitt is attempting to "deflect from [his] own role in the media storm which has engulfed the parties' children," TMZ reports.

"There is little doubt that [Brad] would prefer to keep the entire case private, particularly given the detailed investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Dept. of Children and Family Services into allegation of abuse," Wasser continued.

The FBI closed their investigation, which centered around an alleged incident on a private plane that occurred between Pitt and teenage son Maddox, back in November. The D.C.F.S. also cleared Pitt earlier in November, though Jolie's reps clarified to Vanity Fair that "the D.C.F.S. is now satisfied the safeguards are put in place that will allow the children to heal."

In Pitt's memorandum to his December request to seal the documents, the Allied star claimed Jolie "exposed the children by making public the names of their therapists and other mental health professionals." He also said Jolie had "no self-regulating mechanism" when it came to keeping their six kids' information safe from the public.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie first announced their plans to divorce on September 20, 2016. They have six children, Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, Vivienne and Knox.

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