Drake made his crush on Jennifer Lopez known via Instagram a few weeks ago, and now they've seemingly confirmed that they're dating by posting a snuggly Instagram photo on their respective accounts. Or, they're just torturing their fans with some collab promo. It could be either! As you'll recall, Drake likes to use social to play with rumors that he's dating someone famous like, say, Taylor Swift  — either way, Aubrey and J.Lo look pretty cozy in those robes, huh?

Drake let the world know that he'd hung out with Lopez backstage at her All I Have Residency in Las Vegas on December 10, first posting an Instagram photo of himself babysitting her pink "diamond encrusted" baseball cap while she performed and then snapping a giggly selfie with her backstage afterward.

"😍 <-------- Lotta those," Drake wrote. Mmkay.

As Entertainment Tonight noted, Rihanna evidently unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, prompting some fans to wildly speculate that Drake's sometime love did so over his possible romance with Lopez. Drake's previously expressed his love for Rihanna  via billboards and on-air declarations, because he lives to love/bathrobe cuddle/flirt very publicly. Given his number of hits with Rihanna and his photo with Taylor Swift in the studio, an impending Drake/J.Lo collaboration seems likely.

Check out a few reactions to Drake and Jennifer Lopez's cuddling session/possible romance below.

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