Eagle-eyed Snapchat users got an accidental peek at Ariana Grande's new fragrance back in June, and now the singer's first signature scent has an official debut. Ari By Ariana Grande is coming your way in September, so you've got barely more than a month to clear your sinus passageways for a big ol' whiff.

"It smells...like a dream," Ari says in the voice-over of her Instagram teaser. Well, what if your dreams smell like cheeseburgers and sadness? The perfume's website is here to clarify what we can only assume Ariana's dreams smell like, though their line of descriptive copy was a little confusing at the time of this post.

"The luscious and sexy fragrance" (cool!) "opens with sparkling fruits" (wait, what kind of fruit sparkles? Is it like a fizzy cider?) "and an ultra-feminine florally passionately spun with musks and woods and an addictive hint of marshmallow." Um, okay! Marshmallows are delicious, this much is true. Basically picture an enormous — like, funeral arrangement enormous — floral bouquet, adorned with pears drenched in glitter, lots of jagged wooden sticks and chunks of s'mores. Spritz some musk(s) on that, and you've got some idea of what Ari By Ariana Grande is all about.

The bottle's design is perfectly Ariana — girly, multi-faceted like a diamond and finished with a perfectly round white pom pom. Adding a pair of her beloved kitty ears would've been a little too obvious, so kudos on the bunny-tail choice. You can check it out here.

The newly-minted Ari site is also offering fans a chance to meet the "Break Free" singer at the fragrance launch party, so if you'd like to zip around on roller skates with Ariana herself, you should probably enter the contest ASAP.

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