Ariana Grande was on hand to present at the Grammy Awards last night (Jan. 26), but halfway through her red carpet appeareance, she reportedly broke down after becoming overwhelmed.

Fans who were near Grande at the time claim that the 20-year-old simply lost it and started crying.

"I first-hand watched what happened. Ariana was happy and she went with the best confidence on the red carpet. She was doing good at first," said one source. "But then the paps yelled really loud all wanting her to look at them. She can't listen to all of them at once, and they kept ordering her around."

The source continued, "She made one mistake by moving left a bit too quick and when she tried to move back, she tripped. Eventually she got flustered and upset."

Still yet another fan jumped in to add, "I saw like 80 tweets saying Ariana Grande is crying in the bathroom."

Regardless, she didn't let the demands of the photogs or criticism over her clothing choice for the award show effect her. As Grande wrote on her Twitter account:

Ariana Grande Tweet

We love you, Ariana. As they say: Haters gonna hate.